I'm Julie.

I'm a Freedom Engineer and creator of The Mountain Mover Tribe. I'm here to help you get out of your own way, take action in your life and Move Mountains.

My goal is to help you take simple steps to overcome your doubts, create rock-solid habits and improve your health so you can stop feeling like a failure, take ownership of your life & live in FREEDOM. 


I'm here to help you...

  • Develop a healthy and positive mindset that gives you peace of mind and confidence to pursue your biggest goals

  • Create self-care practices and daily routines that help you take care of yourself to reduce burnout, stress and overwhelm

  • Learn time management strategies so you can reduce overwhelm and make time for what you truly love and want to do

My Story
For so long, I felt I was going through the motions day after day. Life was a series of boring chores. As a perfectionist, over-thinker and serial people-pleaser, I know that most of my issues are caused by the pressure I put upon myself.

I spent many years of my life stuck-in-my-head, holding myself back from doing what I truly wanted to do in life because I was surviving instead of living my best life. With no sense of Purpose, I went from complete anxiety to binge watching my favorite crime drama on Netflix, to exhausted to get out of bed.

Once I decided to stop living in Survival Mode, I found FREEDOM. I started by creating a solid daily routine, took ownership of my mental and physical well-being, let myself relax and quit letting my perfectionism get in the way.

Wonder Woman Changed My Life!

I remember clearly the day it clicked for me. I was watching Wonder Woman, you know the scene where she puts on her tiara, steps out of the trench and the most EPIC scene unfolds? At that exact moment, something stirred inside me. My mood changed from feeling lazy and depressed to complete MOTIVATION to TAKE ON THE WORLD! So I did.
I spent hours researching how it was possible to go from ZERO to ROCKSTAR by watching a 5 minute movie scene. Since we can't sit around watching movies all day long, I developed a program to "Level Up Your Life" every single day.

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