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Automate your business so that you can work from Anywhere

  1. What do you offer?
  2. How will it make life better? Choose ONE
  3. What do they need to do to buy it? (learn more is weak - don't be passive aggressive - be clear)
  4. CTA button 
This is the failures section. Stories begin with a conflict. What does it cost not to do business with you?
"Are you tired of paying for marketing that doesn't work?"
List stakes: problems they want to avoid, list as bullet points, can do testimonials of overcoming.
List of pain points we resolve, pick a few.
Value Proposition
What does life look like if they buy?
contrast from the stakes
What value will they receive if they do business with you.
Add perceived value as well - "your lawn will make your neighbors jealous"
Include a headline on each section. Ex. "our customers no longer struggle with..."
The Guide
Empathetic & authoritative
ways: testimonials, logos of companies worked with, stats - years in business, #s worked with
empathy - list primary pain point. "we know what it feels like to..." - we trust people who are like us.
authority - don't overdo it (testimonials, company logos, stats, awards earned)
The Plan
Pave the path & they will follow
how easy it is to work with you + next steps to take
Use 3 Steps - one word or short phrase + few words
Steps to engage your brand

The Explanatory Paragraph
This is where your SEO will come from 
Customers will feel like they did research
Don't ramble - invite them into a story
  1. Identify who your customer wants to become
  2. Identify what they want
  3. Define the problem that is setting them back
  4. Position you as their guide
  5. Share a plan they can use to solve their problem
  6. Call them to Action
  7. Cast a vision for their lives
(Print out Mad Lib paragraph - re-write in your words)
  • Helps overcome objections
    • List 5 objections you hear why they wouldn't buy your product (too expensive, quality, won't work, something else didn't work - overcome these)
    • Ex. - too complicated - we guide you through the process to use our product, not satisfied - satisfaction guaranteed
  • No landing page is too long as long as the top is quick & simple

The Video (optional)
Creates your message narratively & visually - repeat what you already said
  1. Keep short 3-5 min
  2. Hook the viewer (30 sec) - State problem first thing
  3. Consider giving a longer video with email exchange (ex. Ted talk)
  4. Give video a title that makes them want to watch "How we've helped thousands solve this problem"
Price Choices
fixed price - Bullet points what they receive
Recommended - 3 price points...customers like options
most people choose the one in the middle
Junk drawer
Most important - gets rid of decision fatigue
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