You have an extraordinary idea that you want to share with the world. The fire within you ignites, your motivation turns into a firestorm, connecting with customers, growing your audience, making sales. Then after a time, it starts fizzling out to embers. You try different approaches to keep the fire burning, but it feels like trying to light a campfire in the rain. You're not alone, online business burnout is a real thing.

The difference between people who succeed online and those who throw in the towel is one thing...a solid plan.
Success doesn't happen by accident. An Influencer rarely has a million followers dumped into their lap. One viral post doesn't lead to a sustainable six-figure income. Although some people make it look effortless, there is a plan behind every successful online business.

You don't need to be techy or know it all. The key is to have a plan in place to scale your business. The reason most get burned out is because they didn't plan for the next steps.

As an Entrepreneur, we generally don't have access to a large marketing team, research and development, accountant or legal team. We start with an idea and need to be our own boss and motivator. It may be simple at first to launch, but once our business is launched, we need to have a plan in place for growth, otherwise we crash and burn.

These are the top 7 obstacles that Entrepreneurs need to overcome in order to avoid burnout in their business.

1. Self-Sacrifice

I've heard this story so many times. As an entrepreneur, we are in the business of helping people, which is the way it should be, but we'll sacrifice our own well-being to make sure we are everything for everyone. If you don't take some time to recharge your own batteries, you won't be able to help others.

2. Hustle

There is a time and place for hustle as we launch our business, program, or product, but don't fall into the trap of the hustle culture. Our bodies are not designed to be in overdrive for long periods of time. A last minute push for a few days can be good, but pushing yourself to exhaustion week after week is a quick way to burn out.

3. Skillset

Many entrepreneurs hit a skill ceiling at some point. The #1 complaint I hear from clients is "I'm not techy." We all carry phones, watch movies, heat up food, pay bills online, post on social media and talk on the phones through our car. If you want to learn something, you can. Our whole society is "techy." We have a choice at some point in our journey, either learn it, or outsource it. There will come a point that you need to plan to either spend time or money to get past this hurdle. Don't let it collapse your business, make a plan to either level up your online skills, or pay someone to do the work for you.

4. Imposter Syndrome

The more you learn, the more you start questioning yourself. It happens to EVERYONE, you're not alone. You start off with the feeling that you're out to change the world, then fear and doubt set in, you start second-guessing yourself. This is completely natural. By having a plan in place and sticking to the plan, you are busy implementing instead of doubting.

5. Living in Survival Mode

When you are stressed and stuck in survival mode, it's difficult to operate in a creative space. Making sure your basic needs are taken care of, having a routine and working through a plan makes it easier to focus on your business. If you're totally in the zone, knocking out some work and you remember you haven't paid the electric bill, your blood sugar drops because you skipped a few meals and you're living on caffeine because sleep didn't make it on the top priority list, you're not going to be able to focus on business.

6. Self-Sabotage

This shows up in many ways. Self-Sabotage can look like procrastination, perfectionism or ADHD. We are our own worst enemy. Missing a deadline, getting stuck and unwilling to move forward, having unrealistic goals all lead back to fear. Fear of success, fear of failure, fear of the unknown. There is safety in the familiar. When something is outside of our comfort zone, something we've never encountered before, our brain is programmed to warn us to be careful. We are wired to stick to the familiar where it's safe in the "known." Taking risks is important to grow a business. It takes strength and determination to push past this point and step into the unknown. As long as you play it safe, you are sabotaging your success and choosing to remain stuck.

7. Overwhelmed and Unorganized

This is a form of self-sabotage I see most often in clients. Keeping busy and burying yourself in work to make it seem like you are running a business. Often people believe that being successful is hard work. Therefore, the more they do, the more results they will have. Not true. Yes, growing an online business takes work, but it doesn't take every minute of every day. Once you create your plan, follow the plan and actually enjoy your life. Learn the skills to have max effort in minimum time. Busy work creates overwhelm. Organization and a plan will re-ignite your business.

Imagine having more clarity to see the path forward, focus, and ultra-productive work sessions that will free up your time to actually enjoy your life. 

This is why we became entrepreneurs in the first place...Time Freedom.

About the Author:

Julie LewisGamification Expert | SEO Specialist | Online Business Strategist | Tech Nerd

Julie has been developing websites for 23 years. Growing up as an online gamer and fascinated by psychology, she merged her "nerdiness" into an online business. Using her technical skills and gamification research, she teaches female entrepreneurs how to develop their online strategy to engage their customers and LEVEL UP their online business!


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