As entrepreneurs, it's an incredible feeling not having to answer to a boss, or dealing with coworker drama, but the flip side of this is that we have to be self-disciplined and motivate ourselves in order to run a successful online business. 

What happens when you just don't feel like working? It's fantastic that you can set your own schedule, but what happens when you lose your motivation and can't find it again? You started out with an abundance of passion and excitement, but it starts to fade, then you hit a wall, lose your way, get stuck spinning in circles not knowing what direction to go.

There are several reasons for loss of motivation including perfectionism, self-sabotage and imposter syndrome. All of these can generate the perfect storm that leads to the downfall of your once thriving business.

The big question is how to re-ignite your motivation when the fire goes out?

Keep adding logs.

Have you ever built a campfire before? You add some kindling to get it going, then the smaller logs catch fire until it's hot enough for the bigger logs to catch fire. As long as you continually add logs, the fire keeps burning.

In your business, you need to do the same to keep the energy going. If you're thinking, "there's no way I can continue adding to my business, I'd be overwhelmed," remember that the first logs you used to ignite the fire eventually need to burn out

Let that sink in for a minute.

I struggled with this for years. I launched an amazing program and tried to hold on to it. As I evolved, I kept clinging to that one program that got me started. My branding changed a little, I was tweaking my messaging, my skills improved and I was constantly trying to update these videos for a $14 course. Finally, when I just let it go, didn't promote it anymore and moved forward I freed up so much time & headspace that my business soared.

This happens with clients as well. Sometimes we need to let people go. I've learned that the same clients you start with are not always going to be the ones that are with you throughout your entire journey.

Let the past experiences fuel your fire, but allow them to also burn out as you add new experiences to your business adventure.

How to know when to let go...

In order to keep up the momentum in your business, it's important to re-evaluate on a regular basis. Let go of what's not working and move forward with new ideas.

I created a Motivation Workbook that I use to refresh my thinking regularly. You can download a copy of this workbook HERE.

When I'm stuck, overwhelmed and can't seem to see the path forward, going through the process in this workbook helps me find clarity again and fuels my motivation. Sometimes we lose our way and need a reminder. Heck, sometimes I walk to the living room and forget what I went there for! Anyone else do this, or is it just me?

To keep your business growing and leveling up, learn to let go of the past. Identify what is holding you back & move forward with confidence. 
About the Author:

Julie LewisGamification Expert | SEO Specialist | Online Business Strategist | Tech Nerd

Julie has been developing websites for 23 years. Growing up as an online gamer and fascinated by psychology, she merged her "nerdiness" into an online business. Using her technical skills and gamification research, she teaches female entrepreneurs how to develop their online strategy to engage their customers and LEVEL UP their online business!


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