Wearing These Glasses Helped Me Sleep Better
I log a lot of screen time hours, as I'm sure most of us do now days. With computers, cell phones and televisions we are constantly staring at the screen. When it hits bedtime, sometimes it's difficult to fall asleep. There are many reasons including not being able to shut off our brains, but one of the #1 culprits is technology. 

Our bodies were designed with an internal clock called the circadian rhythm. We wake up with the sun and go to sleep once it sets. Now, with artificial light, our bodies get confused. When we wake up and are exposed to sunlight, we get a boost of serotonin. During the day, the sun emits blue light, which is a frequency of light that enhances our serotonin the most. When the sun begins to set, notice the reds and oranges, this is the point where there is very little blue light and we begin the cycle of producing melatonin and begin to wind down. 

When we watch television or scroll social media, we are still exposing our bodies to a high dose of blue light, which screws with our internal clock. How do we fix this? Well, the obvious fix is to shut off electronics at sunset, but since we are in a digital age where that is not always preferable, instead, I invested in gamer glasses!

Why Gamer Glasses? 
You can do a search for blue light glasses which will block the blue light on electronic devices, but after hours of research I found that gamer glasses had the most research and benefits to them. Not only do they block blue light, which is a huge benefit to people who generally game at night time, they also help with headaches, dry eyes, blurry vision and eye strain that are symptoms of extended screen time.

Since I've started using my gamer glasses while working on my computer and scrolling on my phone, I've noticed a HUGE difference! I found I can perform my best while protecting my eyes as I block the blue light, reduce computer glare, improve my focus and reduce dry eyes. 

When I'm done for the day, I don't have the normal fatigue since wearing the glasses. If you are in front of the screen for most of the day and are having a hard time sleeping or have digital eye strain, it's definitely worth checking out. Here is a link to the glasses I use:

I recommend doing your own research and finding the best solution for you.

On a side note, I think I look more serious and intelligent while working. 

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